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Esports has become a professional sport that uses the same evolutionary system as MLB and the NBA. Colleges recruit players at the high school level who then go pro or enter one of many vast career opportunities in the world of Esports.

If you’re gamer or an administrator interested in starting or improving a team at your high school or university, Gold Medal Esports can help. Once started, we can design the Playbook that will maximize your specific team’s skills. (No other sport at your school would take the field without a playbook, would they?)

Providing additional outlets and after school activities are even more crucial given today’s COVID-19 restrictions. A well-run Esports program can provide a safe, controlled, social environment with many positive benefits. And give parents peace-of-mind to focus on other responsibilities.

Gold Medal Esports League

Getting started in an established league can be daunting for schools with little or no experience – not to mention inexperienced players. Our Gold Medal Esports league concept was developed to prepare schools and teams for “big league play” by providing a structure to facilitate balanced competition at a beginner’s level. Our 12-week tournament design offers a low-cost entry for players that goes straight to the school to build their program. Best of all, you won’t be thrust into this alone with a pile of PDF’s.

GME’s experts will work with school representatives every step of the way to ensure complete communication and assistance is available. GME understands the negative stigma of “video games” and can help parents and school administrators see the positive benefits of properly managed Esports program. Let us help you communicate the difference between competing in Esports and playing video games. The benefits of Esports have been scientifically proven, can improve academic performance and lower delinquency rates.

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Did you know that video gaming is now a legit professional sport?

With over 200 colleges now offering programs, there’s over $16 million in eSport scholarships available to top competitors!

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