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Welcome to Gold Medal Esports

Our Certified Professional Coaches Are Gaming Experts

The best way to create exceptional gamers is with outstanding coaches who truly enjoy working with kids! 

Our certified professional staff all have competitive gaming experience and excel in our Gold Medal training program that prepares them to be great gaming coaches. With 47 years of coaching experience through our competitive gymnastics and ninja training centers, we understand the holistic approach to training the whole competitor. Our esports coaches not only encourage learning, but motivate our gamers to be good teammates, have fun, and achieve goals every week!

Gabe Quesquen

  • Social Media Manager
  • Creative Team Member
  • Co-Captain for the University of Albany ESports FIFA team
  • Over 8+ years of FIFA playing experience
  • Leadership and Technique specialist

Raamish Azeem

  • Social Media Manager
  • Creative Team Member 
  • Copywriter
  • Has been playing NBA 2K competitively for over 10 years
  • Beat NBA player Kyrie Irving, prodigy LaMelo Ball, rapper “The Game” and football legend Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson in NBA 2K

Chris Hoffman

  • Director of Gaming at GMG
  • Overwatch Team Coach (2nd Place Open Division)
  • Coached 2 Teams to Top 20 finishes
  • Former Top 50 NA hitscan player
  • Valorant Expert

TJ Bristol

  • Ninja Training Coach at GMGC 
  • Minecraft Survivalist and Building Expert 10 years experience
  • Has builds featured in some of the most popular Minecraft servers to date
  • Has won multiple building competitions in Minecraft.
  • Smash & COD Expert

Chris Arcoleo

  • Played Call of Duty competitively for 10+ years
  • Competed in Smash Brothers tournaments for 3+ years
  • Competed in Counter Strike for 4 Years 
  • Prior experience as a teacher, has worked with kids
  • Professional Drummer & Teacher

Armani Damiron

  • Captain of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s DoTA 2 team
  • Over 8 years of competition experience
  • Competed in various local, amateur, and CSL tournaments 
  • Ranked top 1000 in the NA various times
  • Also has experience in LoL and SMITE

Kara Violette

  •  2x Ladies Nite Fortnite Tournament Champion
  •  Over 800 Fortnite Battle Royales
  •  Highest rank reached in Valorant at Platinum 2
  •  Highest rank reached in Rocket League at Diamond 1
  •  Former Division I Ice Hockey player and multi year captain

Bree Rivera

  • 9yrs of Minecraft mastering
  • Builds featured on major mincraft servers like LemonCloud, etc
  • Call of Duty World Championships 2020 mobile platform
  • COD high K/D 2.53
  • Fortnite Battle Royale Champ 75 times
  • Over 1000 solo matches on Fortnite

Eli Byrd

  • 16 online Call of Duty Tournaments Won
  • Placed Top 10 at a Call of Duty LAN Tournament
  • Undefeated FIFA Season as captain for College Esports Team
  • Fortnite Player on College Esports Team (Lost only one regular season game, placed 4th in playoffs) 
  • 14 Online Fortnite Tournaments Won

Ryan Staple

  • NBA 2k advanced tournament qualifier
  • Superstar 2 rank in the NBA 2K park 
  • Assistant AAU Basketball Coach (Real life)
  • 60% win percentage in the NBA 2K park 
  • 10-0 on NBA 2k Competitively

Andre Bristol

  • Has played Minecraft and Overwatch since they released
  • Has won numerous solo matches in Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone
  • Has won numerous games of Minecraft SkyWars, Build Battle, and Hunger Games
  • Achieved Top 3 in League of Legends: TFT many times

Ron Merrick

  • 4000+ Hours of Overwatch experience split between pc and console
  • Reached 3900+ ELO on both PC and Console competitive overwatch ladder (DPS)
  • Won local Smash Ultimate tournament in Huntington
  • 10 Years Minecraft Building Experience
  • 200+ Hours (and many more to come) on Valorant