Welcome to Gold Medal Esports

Our Certified Professional Coaches Are Gaming Experts

The best way to create exceptional gamers is with outstanding coaches who truly enjoy working with kids! 

Our certified professional staff all have competitive gaming experience and excel in our Gold Medal training program that prepares them to be great gaming coaches. With 47 years of coaching experience through our competitive gymnastics and ninja training centers, we understand the holistic approach to training the whole competitor. Our Esports coaches not only encourage learning, but motivate our gamers to be good teammates, have fun, and achieve goals every week!

Gabe Quesquen

  • Customer Service Rep
  • Creative Team Member
  • Co-Captain for the University of Albany ESports FIFA team
  • Over 8+ years of FIFA playing experience
  • Leadership and Technique specialist

Raamish Azeem

  • Email Correspondent
  • Creative Team Member 
  • Copywriter
  • Has been playing NBA 2K competitively for over 10 years
  • Beat NBA player Kyrie Irving, prodigy LaMelo Ball, rapper “The Game” and football legend Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson in NBA 2K

Chris Hoffman

  • Director of Gaming at GME
  • Overwatch Team Coach (2nd Place Open Division)
  • Coached 2 Teams to Top 20 finishes
  • Former Top 50 NA hitscan player
  • Valorant Expert

Armani Damiron

  • Captain of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s DoTA 2 team
  • Over 8 years of competition experience
  • Competed in various local, amateur, and CSL tournaments 
  • Ranked top 1000 in the NA various times
  • Also has experience in LoL and SMITE

Blayne Randall

  • Played in over 15 Pro League Rainbow Six Tournament
  • 7 years experience as a professional gamer
  • 6 years experience as a professional gaming coach
  • Ranked in the top 1000 of Siege players 4 times

Brenden Wardlaw

  • Program Captain for Gaming Scholarships at Davenport University
  • Peak mmr is 1750 (GC3) S2 and S13
  • CRL Summer League Series 2021 Top 36 East
  • Coached and mentored by Silhouette, a former top 100 player
  • Played baseball and ran youth programs 

Eli Byrd

  • 16 online Call of Duty Tournaments Won
  • Placed Top 10 at a Call of Duty LAN Tournament
  • Undefeated FIFA Season as captain for College Esports Team
  • Fortnite Player on College Esports Team (Lost only one regular season game, placed 4th in playoffs) 
  • 14 Online Fortnite Tournaments Won

Aimee J

  • Valorant FTW Summer Showdown Ignition Series Qualifier
  • Admin experience on a top 5 SMP Minecraft Server
  • 1000+ hours logged on Minecraft
  • Experience in Vtubing setup
  • Active in many “Women in Gaming” communities

Blake Bender

  • Iowa State Esports athlete
  • Top KD ratio in entire Rainbow Six Siege CR6 league
  • Undefeated season in Rainbow Six Siege CR6 league
  • Currently Radiant rank in Valorant
  • A+ rank on ESEA for CS:GO

Jorin Hosking

  • Owned startup esports organization
  • Placed top 5 in many BR tournaments
  • Semi Pro in CS 1.6 with CAL-M/P during high school
  • Coached and managed former players with high credentials
  • Primarily a controller player who competes against KMB opponents