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Connect with friends in a fun, safe, parent-controlled environment

Socialization is more important than ever, right now, and gaming brings friends together!

No need to avoid online game play for young ones anymore, if it’s done right. Our Gaming Circle program will guide parents and can provide continual tech support to keep your gamer online, with the right equipment, and the right social circle for their age.

Typically a child enters the world of gaming with “solo play.” A Gold Medal Gaming Circle gives them the chance to be social and have fun in a safe, controlled environment.


  • Your Gamer & Up to 2 friends, Including Setup: $50, up to 4 hours
  • Friends already setup join FREE!
  • Optional Extended Tech Support: $20 per hour


  • Introduction to Online Gaming
  • Assigned Gaming Leader
  • Online Account Setup
  • Parental Control Setup
  • 4 Hours of Tech Support
  • Procedures to Connect with Friends
  • Multi-Device Setup with Friends
  • Xbox, PS4/5, Switch & PC
  • Ages 7 & Up

PLUS, optional mini tournaments between friends of similar age and ability!